About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide client and patient centered care that ultimately drives the goals of each organization we collaborate with. The needs of each individual patient fosters the focused education we provide to our rehab professionals, so they can make the right choices when helping our patients.

Our Promise

At Ability Rehab, we are committed to living by a higher standard. We promise to enhance the quality of life and care for our patients, listen and adapt to the culture of our partners’ needs, therefore fostering outstanding outcomes.

Ability Rehab has been a wonderful partner this past year in meeting the needs of our residents and patients. They are comprised of extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented therapists who do utmost to see that all achieve their maximum potential in the shortest and safest time possible. This year, in dealing with the COVID-19 virus, this therapy team has risen to the challenge of providing therapy in new and creative ways as they deal with circumstances that require them to work with patients at the bedside as well as in the therapy gym.

Ability Rehab staff work diligently to see patients maintain function and, where possible, to gain a better quality of life. We are proud of their constant effort to bring residents and patients to a better place with outstanding empathy, patience, and compassion.

- William McNiff

Executive Director, Lee Manor

Why Choose Ability? 


Customer Service Advantage

Sometimes a well-known rehab provider is not always the right choice for you. Large rehab providers may have out of state corporations that can make communication more challenging. Consider a small local therapy provider where communication is a top priority, focused on fostering that quality of care for your facility and patients.

Added Value Specialized Services

In the forever changing industry of healthcare and vast variety of professionals contributing to the well being of the patients, the correct rehab provider is a large contributor in the success of your facility. Added values such as having a CMI specialist to help you identify areas of opportunity in care are imperative. In addition, a provider who can assist with facility marketing efforts, consulting/audit services and reimbursement can make a vast impact on your facility performance.

Ease of Therapy Staffing

The right contract rehab provider will identify the needs of your facility when recruiting and staffing therapy professionals. Taking into consideration your company culture and specialized training requirements in order to serve your residents should be imperative for the recruitment of high-quality therapists.


Cheaper may not always be the first consideration when making the best choice for your business. Cost savings benefits can happen in a variety of ways besides pricing alone. Looking at the big picture such as added value services, locality and continuous rehab provider engagement can provide you cost saving measures while also increasing the quality of care for your patients.

Team-Oriented Approach

Success can be attainable when all parties come together with respect, trust, and shared outcomes in mind. Having a rehab provider that you can rely on to support you through the trials and success of your business is a necessary perk that should not be forgotten.

Special Certifications/Treatment


Wheelchair Positioning/Fitting


Lymphedema Treatment


Neuro Treatment


Contracture Management


Incontinence Management


Home Analysis/Safety Assessment


Allen Cognitive Levels (ACL)


Manual Therapy




Medication Management


Dementia Care/Cognition Testing

Our Team

Herbert Schulp

Herbert Schulp

PT/L- Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Manuel

Jennifer Manuel

MS,OTR/L- Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa Tejeda

Vanessa Tejeda

PTA/L- Director of Business Development

How Can Ability Help Your Business? 

We start by asking a few basic questions…


What are your current needs as an organization related to therapy? 


Why are you considering a potential change in your therapy provider?


Are you interested in one provider or multiple providers in your organization? 

Then, we analyze & develop a plan that meets your needs…


In-Depth Analysis – We complete a detailed analysis of your business tailored to support your short-term and long-term programs to maximize facility-specific outcomes, including:


Analysis of case mix index of public aid


Analysis of the skilled program related to Medicare A and Insurance


Close, Team-Oriented Approach


Program Development Catered To Your Facility Needs


Marketing Assistance Helps Drive Patient Recruitment

“The therapy provider that listens and adapts."

Our current partners can attest to this!